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1980 Performances/installations “Flower Wake”, “White Cube”, “Homage á Prague”, “Black Cube”, “Snow”

1981 Black sculptures
Black room (Howling darkness)

1982 Total Art Action APTART exposition.
Retro 1 (These wonderful Years of 1960-s-1970-s)
APTART Gallery. Moscow

1983 Kitchen of Russian Art
Take care of Art
APTART event “APTART in Nature”. Kalistovo

1984 - To the lovers of Art
Project of installation/action for 34-eme Salon des Jeunes Peintres in Grand Palais. Paris. France
Absence-Presence (Window 3)
Installation. Art festival “Le Vivant et l’Artificiel”. Avignon, France

The King-Bell & the King-Gun, or Love’s Labours’ Lost
Installation. Artist’s flat, Moscow

1985 16 Positions for Self-Identifications (Golden Room)
Performance/installation. Authors’ home. Moscow

1986 It’s the real thing (Red Room)
N.Abalakova’s pictorial performance/installation. Authors’ home. Moscow

Art’s decline Myth
Action-intervention in Moscow United City Committee of Graphic Artists (MUCCGA) in the procedure of reregistration. Moscow

I and You or Four Days long two Projections Touching Life
Installation. The Youth House, Leningrad (The banned exhibition)

Pure Art
Avant-guard Club action “Art against commerce”. Bitza park, Moscow

1987 An occausion to acquaintance
Installation. “Exhibition in Harbour”, Leningrad

1988 Moscow-Paris-Moscow (Abalakova-Zhigalov-Sekal)
Video-performance by Abalakova-Zhigalov-Sekal. “Found site” in suburb of Paris, France

1990 My God, what does it all mean?
Installation. TOTART show “Glasgow-Moscow”. “Sadovniky” gallery, Moscow

Da Sein
Algae. Workshop “Der Weg”, Bergen-Binz. Rügan island, Germany

1991 White nights
Installation. “TOTART. Works 1960-1991”. CAH “Manege”, S.-Petersburg

1992 Untitled (Game)
Performance/installation. European project «Gateway». ASPEX gallery, Portsmouth, England (A canvass of irregular form, phonogram, glazier’s lead, soft-tip pens)

1993 Ave, Eva
Eva Zhigalova’s show/installation (curator N.Abalakova). CCA, “Laboratory”, Moscow

The Unknowable leaves its trace in unpredictable consequences
Installation. L-gallery, Moscow

1994 21 fingers in the Artists’ Life
“21” Gallery, St.-Petersburg

North Wind
Performance/installation. Performances festival. “Sadovniky” gallery, Moscow

1995 The North Wind
Performance/(video) installation. “21” Gallery. St.-Petersburg

Performance/(video)installation. Kunstraum. Wuppertal, Germany

1997 The doors
Text-installation. KUKART III art festival, “Reserve” palace, Tzarskoie Selo

1999 – 21 fingers in the Artists’ Life
«Spider & Mouse» Gallery, Moscow; «Moscow School», Moscow

Bloom’s day
Installation. Club “Project OGI”, Moscow

Wire-brush Universal
Installation. «Live & Dead», “Escape” gallery, Moscow

2005 Panel Discussion
Installation. “WE”. VII Moscow International Forum of Art initiatives. “Novy Manege”