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Actions and performances

1960-63 Action painting with fire (A. Zhigalov)
1972 Purchasing of the house (Dom) in village Pogorelovo in Kostroma region. Beginning of lifelong project “The HOUSE”
1978-79 The beginning of the Project of Total Art Action “Explorations into the Essence of Art as applied to Life & Art” (TOTART)
1980 Burial of the Flower (Flower Wake)
White Cube
Dedicated to Prague
Black Cube
Snow (3 elemental poems)

1981 Operation “Home”. May 24-June 4. 1st Festival of Performances. Pogorelovo, Kostroma Region:
The Ladder
The Last Action
Lalay’s izba interior
Site of fire
2.VI.81 (House)
In Memory of Lalay
Black sculptures
In the ladder
Black room (Howling darkness)

Exploration of the Square
School of Arts
Black square
Illumination of the Square (Well)
Dung square
A chair on the bridge (Until the bridge crashes down or the chair falls to pieces)
Appearance of pregnant Natalia to people
Our Best Oeuvre

1982 Our Anthill. Performance-research series. Village of Piligino, Novgorod Region
Our Anthill is the biggest!
Our Anthill is the best!
Our Anthill is the happiest!
Live bridge
Commandant’s series (1982-1985)
My recent work: I work as a supervisor
Art cubed
Digging a channel which will divide Russia into two parts – European and Asiatic Foundation Project
Cube of Art, or Reservation of Art
Cinema “Avant guard” opening
“Avant-guard Alley” Foundation Subbotnik
Subbotnic Poster

Exploration of the Circle
An Attempt to Melt Snow, or A Point of Counting
Outlined or Pissed Circle
The Blood Circle
20 cm of Earth’s Circumference
Vicious Circle
Broken Circle
Highway Circular
“Highway Circular”
Magic Circle, or Lack of understanding (Mutual Responsibility)
Scorched (Circle of) Earth
Circles on Water
Study group (Circle)
About Face!

Retro I

1983 Work
Take care of Art
Sunflower seed
Window I
Window II

1984 Praesence, praesence
Disputeart I
Invitation in May
Avantgarde Sign (East Wind overcomes West Wind overcomes...)
In such a cold weather Art is impossible
Terorart (attempt of forced art over Yu. Albert)

1985 New Year
Disputart II
Golden ladder
1-st festival of Soviet underground cinema
16 Positions for Self-Identifications
Rubbish graphics
The scene bandaged
Potchart (Mail-Art)
1st exhibition of Soviet mail-art
Golden Voluntary Sunday
Russian roulette

1986 -87 The Social Action (Attempts at foundation of Contemporary Art Center-Laboratory)

1986 It’s the real thing (Red Room)
Even guards
Art’s decline Myth
Pure Art

1987 The Art Centre Project Burial

1988 Moscow-Paris-Moscow (Abalakova-Zhigalov-Sekal)
Project exhumed

1989 Listen to Earth!
Work II
Naked performance

1990 Contemplating the Gold Axe

Der Weg. Workshop, Bergen-Binz, Rügan island, Germany
The guards
Footprints I (N.Abalakova and A.Zhigalov)
Footprints II (A.Zhigalov and Eva Zhigalova)
Da Sein
Ostsee pebbles

The Spectre of Freedom

1991 An Occasion for Acquaintance

1992 Untitled performance (Game)

1994 Skipping-Rope
North Wind

1995 Classics
North wind

1996 Place of the Artist

1997 Date unconcealed

1998 In such a cold weather Art is impossible, but if to have a little patience...

1999 21 fingers in Artists’ life
2000 Untitled (Four Columns of Vigilance)

2001 Four Columns of Vigilance (11 verbs)

2002 – Fatherland/Motherland
Traces, Voices
Action! (Chairs)

2003 – ParadiZoo

2004 – Golden Law

2006 – Europe/Asia

2009 – Golden Sunday II
Nord Wind 2009