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1980 Cypress (Burial of the Flower or Flower Wake)

        “Burial of the Flower” performance end-product. Authors’ ownership
        Solstice. Photo stand 85x120. End-product of outdoor action. Authors’ ownership
        White Cube. 300 m Ball of bandage. Performance “White Cube” end-product. Authors’ ownership

Black Rose (Dedicated to Prague). Performance “Dedicated to Prague” end-product: a cut glass with burned ball of black&white semicircles in it. Authors’ ownership
Ashes of “Black Cube”. A package with “Black Cube” ashes. End-product of the performance. Authors’ ownership

1981  Dungsquare. Found object

1982  20 cm of Earth’s Circumference. A ruler
         Black Square. Polyethylene package 60x50, filled with black carbon-paper, stencil. Collections of STG and Russian museum
         Book-object. 15 two-sided collages with TOTART documentation 125x86. Authors’ ownership 
         This chair is not for You – this chair is for everybody. Cardboard 20x30, text.
1983  Take care of Art. Polyethylene, hoops, gouache

1984  Disputart I. End-product of the performance: a stump, a bench-vice with a plexiglass list 70x60 with a drawing.

1986 Golden chair. Painted gold chair. Authors’ ownership
1987 Classical TOTART object (Golden Axe). Bamboo, painted gold axe, hoops, screws & washers. Authors’ ownership
1989  Listen to earth! Earphones
         Rest in peace, dear! Object (a pillow, barbed wire, a rosette, red&yellow ribbons)

1990  Russian Rose. A component part of “My God, what does all that mean?” installation: a bucket, soot (earth), 2 halves of eggshell. Authors’ ownership 
        Axe and Glove (Black Glove). A stump, a black leather glove, a nail, an axe painted gold. Authors’ ownership

1991 White nights. A tray, a ball of bandage, a syringe, 2 halves of an eggshell. Authors’ ownership
        Who can hear an axe blow before an axe blow? A log, an axe, earphones, c 50 cm of wire. Authors’ ownership

1994-1995 North wind. Remnants of the object “Rest in peace, dear!” after performance.

1995 Classics. A saw-horse, a log, a two-handled saw. Authors’ ownership

1998 North wind. 1994/95/98. Object/sculpture consisted of three parts: the object “Rest in peace, dear!” (left), one-channel video performance “North Wind” /1995/ over the monitor (centre),

        remnant of the object “Rest in peace” after performance (right). Collection of STG

1999 Bloom's Day or Body melting in sweet creative Labours Bathroom’s shelves, 2 cones of ice-cream, a heap of earth. Authors’ ownership
        Wire brush Universal W.C. wire brush, a stand with a text and an imprint, a hanger. Authors’ ownership

2004 Gold Law or Classical TOTART object 2. Iron saw-horse, iron log, a two-handled saw painted gold