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Video installations and Multimedia projects

1985 16 Positions for Self-Identification. Film, video. Authors’ home. Moscow
         Russian roulette. Performance/installation. Multimedia performance. As above. (Single-channel video 18”. Tatyana & Nataly Kolodzey Foundation. USA)

1986 It’s the real thing (Red Room). N.Abalakova’s pictorial performance/installation . Authors’ home. Moscow (Film)

        Wheel. 20 min. 8 mm film was shot: the free-jazz musician V. Makarov plays cello while N.A. and A.Z. with 2 minutes interval come to the turned upside down bicycle and revolve a wheel. In live performance the musician and artists

        would have made the same actions with this film projected on the back wall.

1991 An occasion for acquaintance. Performance. “3-rd meetings of vision and image theatre”, Katowize, Poland;
        2 video monitors, 2 video players, video film “House” by S.Kowalsky , a cruciform path made with 20 wooden blocks 200x100x10cm with one crossbeam c. 30 m long, the other 10 m, 2 searchlights on both ends of the shorter

        crossbeam, 2 monitors on the ends of the longer one

1994 The Golden W.C. pan. Installation. One-channel video. Video festival “Making their way in night” (Experimental video, computer animation & projective synthesis). Strastnoy bl. (Petliura squat), Moscow
        Monitor with static picture of W.C. pan. Scenario “The golden W.C. pan” on the walls, real lavatory with photo stand behind the W.C. pan where the viewers can look through the peephole
        Audiotape: Moscow White Hall onslaught NBC report in October 1993 with noise of watering toilet

1995 North Wind. Performance/video installation. “Free culture” Humanity Foundation. “21” gallery, St. Petersburg “Free culture”, St. Petersburg

        Nordwind. Performance/video installation. Kunstraum, Wuppertal, Germany

1996 The Artist Place. “Free culture” Humanity Foundation. “21” gallery, St. Petersburg

        The Smiles Garden. “Spider & Mouse” gallery, Moscow

1996-1997 Foucault’s Pendulum. 5-channel video installation. First demonstration June, Art festival “KUKART III”, Tzarskoie Selo

1997 To have a little patience - and all will be OK. Multimedia project. “Free culture” Humanity Foundation. ”21”gallery, St.-Petersburg;
1997-98 “Spider & Mouse” gallery, Moscow
        Date unconcealed. N.Abalakova’s performance in “A.Blagov’s latest project reconstruction” project. “Spider & Mouse” gallery, Moscow 
       Footprints. A.Zhigalov’s performance in “A.Blagov’s latest project reconstruction” project. Venue as above

1998 North Wind. Video installation. Art Media Centre “TV gallery”, Moscow

       The Artist Place. Video installation. Art Media Centre “TV gallery”, Moscow

In such a cold weather Art is impossible, but if to have a little patience...
Performance. “Spider & Mouse” gallery, Moscow

2000 Untitled (Four Columns of Vigilance). Interactive multimedia project. 2 monitors, 1 computer. 11 fragments of izba’s interior (A4), a fragment of the same photo 50x60, a table, a chair. “Dynamic pairs”, CAH Manege, Moscow

2001 – Operation “House – 2”. Multimedia project. Museum «Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art», Moscow
          God’s gift. One-channel video. “KUKART 5” art festival, Tzarskoie Selo

2002 Four Columns of Vigilance. Video installations. Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.-Petersburg
        Operation “House-2” . Multimedia project. Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.-Petersburg. Collection of Kaliningrad Museum
        Traces,Voices, Places. Action/multimedia project

2003 Action! (Chair). Performance, single-channel video, 31 photos

2006 Games of Water, Dreams and Fire. Video sculpture. Three-channel video installation. “Armenia from sea to sea”. Jerevan, Armenia

2009 Games of Water, Dreams and Fire. Video sculpture. Three-channel video installation. New version 15’’ (Single-channel video version). «Sea level».

 II International Festival of Independent Art devoted to 20-th anniversary of Pushkinskaia 10, S.-Petersburg
The Golden Sunday . Remake of TOTART action of 1985 by artists-volunteers and video installation. “Gold for People”. IX International Biennale of Contemporary Art “Dialogues”, S.-Petersburg North Wind
Authors’ remake. Camera: V.Rybas.Videodocumentation M.Nazarov, Ju.Ovtchinnikova. III Mo
Foucault’s Pendulum. Single-channel video version
Four Columns of Vigilance. Single-channel video version