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Photodocumentation of actions and performances

1980 Solstice
        Snow (STG)

1981 2.VI.81 (House)

Lalay’s izba interior
In Memory of Lalay. Live sculpture
School of Art. Live sculpture
Black square. Live sculpture (Russian museum)
Dungsquare (Russian museum )
Chair on the Bridge (Until the bridge crashes down or the chair falls to pieces)
Appearance of pregnant Natalia to people
Our Best Oeuvre

1982  Our Anthill (Dialogue) (STG)

An Attempt to Melt Snow, or A Point of Counting (NCCA)
Outlined or Pissed Circle (NCCA)
The Blood Circle (NCCA)
Cover-up (NCCA)
Scorched (Circle of) Earth
Circles on Water

1983  Window I

1984  Absence-Presence (Window III)
         Praesence, praesence

1985 Disputart II
        Russian Roullette

1990 Contemplating Golden Axe

1993 Interview

1995 Classics

1997 Date unconcealed.

2002 Fatherland/Motherland. 2 photos 105§150
        Action! (Chair). 31 photos

2003 Explorations into the Essence of Art as applied to Life and Art. “Reconnaisance Art”. «Found» photo 300§400
        Dialogue (Pogorelovo)

2004 ParadiZoo. 200§300 Ŕ 300§400

2006 Europe/Asia.100§300

2007 Shadow. «Kataptron (Mirror’s view)» (N.Abalakova)

2009 Invulnerability of Vulnerability. Photo triptych 300§75 (N.Abalakova)
        North wind 2009