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Lectures, Master-classes and Workshops 


2010 Video vs Cinema. Art-group TOTART and Stenly Kubrick. NCCA
2009 Institute of Synergic Anthropology, Moscow
Institute of the Contemporary Art Problems, Moscow
Ciné Fantom, ╠ţ˝ŕÔÓ (TOTART Films&Video)
TOTART master-class. «Out of the City». NNCA, Moscow
2007 Master-class. All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow
Master-class. MMMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) (Contemporary Art 1-year course)
2006 A.Zhigalov’s book “Poems” presentation. A.Sakharov Museum and Social centre, Moscow
A.Zhigalov’s reading. «Burbur» gallery, Jerusalem
Master-class. «Burbur» gallery, Jerusalem
2004 Master-class. «Contemporary City Sculpture» programm, Izevsk
2001 Lecture and show. «Solnetchnoie Spletenie», Jerusalem
TOTART reading. The Museum «Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art»
2000 «Monument in Literature». TOTART reading. Literary Saloon, Moscow
N.Abalakova’s reading. Literary Saloon, Moscow
1999 Master-class. Contemporary art seminar, The State Russian Humanitarian University, Moscow
Club OGI, Moscow
Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow
Art college, Izhevsk University, Izhevsk (N.Abalakova)
Russian unofficial art of 1970—§. The conference in the Institute of Fine Art (A.Zhigalov’s report)
1996, Decembre – 1997, January - Workshop with the students of «Interstudio» («Escape Way» group) (5-channel video «Foucault’s Pendulum»). Spider & Mouse gallery, Moscow
1996 Termen-centre, Moscow
1994 Master-class. “Groping in the Dark at Midnight”. Videoart festival, Petrovsky Bvrd, Moscow
1987 Master-class. Art festival, «Meredian» club, Moscow
1986 Lecture and show of TOTART performances and films by N.Abalakova and A.Zhigalov. Poets’ Club-81, Leningrad
1984 A lecture and an action in Tartu University, Estonia
TOTART program in MIFI Club
1981 APTART artists group tour in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia
1980 Lectures and shows in Prague, Brno and Bratislava