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Compiled by Andrey Monastyrsky


1. A. Abramov. Five Works. 1979
2. N. Alekseev. From the Series Small Works. Three Works.
3. Yu. Albert. An Article about Art. Art in Place of Philosophy. Two Works.
4. E. Bulatov. Six Works.
5. O. Vasiliev. Five Works.
6. B. Groys. Zero Solution.
7. A. Zhigalov, N. Abalakova. Four Projects and Eight Actions.
8. F. Infante. A Text from 1979. The Sources of Distorted Space.
9. I. Kabakov. Nozdryov and Plyushkin. A Treatise... Eight Works.
10. KD [Collective Actions]. Ten Appearances.
11. I. Makarevich. A Case of Sensations.
12. A. Monastyrsky. Seven Photographs.
13. Mukhomor [Toadstool]. The Metro.
14. V. Nekrasov. Ten Sheets.
15. V. Pivovarov. Four Works.
16. L. Rubinstein. Card Catalogue. An Event without a Name.
17. SZ. On SZ’s Activities. Five Works.
18. V. Skersis. Chair...
19. N. Stolpovskaya. Two Works.
20. I. Chuykov. A Project for the Cinema. Five Works.
21. I. Yavorsky. Eleven Works.

Case by N. Panitkov, February 1981.
Total Contents of the Folder: 22 envelopes (22 § 16 cm) plus 13 textual additions


Translator: Ksenya Gurshtein