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1. N. Abalakova. A Total Artistic Action. Summa Archaeologiae. (Article). Eleven collages from the series Summa Archeologiae
2. Poster Ever Closer. Three Works.
3. Yu. Albert. Why My Works Seem Dry and Boring to Many. Series The Continuation of Other People’s Series.
4. I. Volodin. Three Works.
5. E. Gorokhovsky. Five Compositions. On Painting and Old Photography (Article).
6. G. Donskoy. Self-Censorship.
7. A. Zhigalov. Series Exploration of the Circle (thirteen works). Art Belongs to... (a set made up of a slogan and an analytical panel).
My Last Work. I Work as a Commandant. (Art Cubed). Cube of Art. Our Anthill (ten works from a series).
8. V. Zakharov. Papua Natives. Well. Five text-based works on palm and face.
9. V. Zakharov – N. Stolpovskaya. Joint Work.
10. V. Zakharov – I. Luts. Joint Work.
11. F. Infante. Five Photographs and Ten Performances.
12. I. Kabakov. Abramtsevo. Alley. Beatle and fragment of Beatle. Six works from the series In Corners. Ten works from The Kitchen Series.
13. G. Kizevalter. Like All the Others..., Commentary on Musings. Text and three photographs. Translataion of an article by M. Tupitsyn and commentary.
14. N. Kozlov – L. Tishkov. Tightrope Walker. Experimental action.
15. V. Kupriyanov. Article. Two series of photo portraits.
16. V. Kupriyanov. Photo Investigation.
17. R. Lebedev. Five Solitaires, text, Starry solitaire. Five photographs.
18. Mukhomor [Toadstool] Group. Plan of Defense against Neutron Weapons. Beatles. Envelope.
19. V. Nekrasov. On Photography and Painting (Article).
20. D. Prigov. Graphic Texts. A Deep Thought. Coffers: Horror. Pure Objects: Egg-1, Egg-2 (eight photographs).
21. Areopagus of the Sacral Miracle. Dedication. First Popular Newspaper. At the HR Office. A Testimony of Place.
22. V. Skersis. Untitled.
23. V. Skersis – V. Zakharov. Untitled.
24. A. Sobolev. 9...0. Sky by Mail. Cans. Autonomous Territory. Ecological Action.
25. I. Chuykov. Car Accident. Window ŇŇIII. Cycle Works from Life. Nine Fragments of Picasso.
26. S. Shablavin. Eight painted works. Photowork. Sign and Illusion (Article).
27. E. Shnitser – E. Volodina. All Men Are Scum.
28. A. Yulikov. Spatial Alternatives. Ten sheets from a series of color etchings.
29. An Exhibition of Ten.
30. Posthumous Exhibition of A. Danilov.

All of the materials are in thirty green envelopes. Size: 34.5 § 23.5 cm


Translator: Ksenya Gurshtein

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